Volunteer for the Build

Habitat for Humanity doesn't exist without volunteers!

Construction volunteers do everything from framing to painting and everything in between! All skill levels are welcome. All we ask for is a willing heart! Site Hosts are the friendly volunteers that greet and register construction volunteers and take care of various needs at the build site. Food providers are the volunteers that keep everyone going by providing simple, healthy, and delicious meals on work days.

Volunteer Building Coordinator

Volunteer Site Host

Get Started Volunteering!

To begin volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County, they have a simple 2-step process to get you started:

1. Create a User Account on their volunteer hub. This allows you the opportunity to sign up for volunteer opportunities at your leisure.  

2. Attend a Volunteer Orientation & Training session. 

These sessions provide you with all of the “who’s, why’s, what’s, & how’s” of Habitat. You will have an opportunity to hear from other volunteers, homeowners, and staff and discover the full range of opportunities they have to offer. They will also collect the necessary paperwork they need from you so you can begin volunteering. They also suggest viewing the Volunteer Safety Training video if you are not familiar with work on a construction site.

To download and print a copy of their liability waiver for Adults, 18 years & older, Click Here.

To download and print a copy of their liability waiver for Minors, Click Here.